Welcome Cousin Magenta – I Mean Jacinta!

Welcome Cousin Magenta – I Mean Jacinta!

Our new cousin has arrived – and she is a GIRL!  I am so excited to have another cousin, especially one that will like pink just as much as me.  I am already preparing to show her how to be a modern day princess – I know she won’t have any trouble filling that role.  She is SUCH a cutie, pretty little eyes, lots of crazy black hair and a beautiful smile; she has captivated all who set eyes on her, especially her mommy and daddy.  Since she doesn’t have any older brothers or sisters Robbie, Nicholas and I will have to help take care of her. Actually I keep calling her our little sister by mistake.  Cousin/Sister not too much difference anyway, because we love her tons and we are all part of God’s family anyway:)  I also keep mixing up her name with Blue’s friend Magenta – they sound so similar!  But I know I’ll get it soon enough.  Check out some cute pics of the new princess in our photo albums page.

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