9 Months Have Gone By

9 Months Have Gone By

This was definitely the most action packed month of my very young life!  I have quickly learned to get around, it’s a bit unconventional but it works.  I started dragging myself around commando style on April 10th, and I haven’t looked back.  Now I can investigate every little speck and crumb on the floor and even taste test a few:)  The most exciting thing that happened is that we went on a trip to beautiful Bermuda to meet my Uncle Chris and Aunty Ang for the first time!  I LOVED riding on a plane and I was the perfect young traveller.  The recycled air on the plane must have agreed with me, because I had some great sleeps on the plane and I let mom enjoy a movie or two while we flew.  We celebrated my first Easter, Bermuda style, starting with the Kite Festival on Good Friday and a simple yet beautiful Easter Sunday mass.  I rode the pink Bermuda buses and charmed every person I met along the way.  I started waving on the 23rd and clapping on the 25th.  I had my first beach visits and absolutely LOVED playing in the sand.  I loved taking my naps on the beach under the warm Bermuda sun and I even took a few dips in the beautiful blue ocean.  Uncle Chris and Aunty Ang spoiled me and Dolly and Pumpkin played with me and protected me – Pumpkin even put up with a little fur pulling.  We arrived back in Saskatoon as I turned 9 months.  The past month just flew by – and the next has lots of activity planned.  Life is full of adventure – especially when you have three older siblings!

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