Nearly A Month Old – 3 Weeks

Nearly A Month Old – 3 Weeks

This was a very exciting week of my life, as we welcomed my new little cousin Jacinta to the world.  We are all very excited that she has joined us on the outside – and mom is very excited that she is a girl because she can share all the girl baby stuff she has with her:)  I have already outgrown some of my newborn sleepers and onesies, so those will be going to her too because she is even smaller then I was when I was born!  Other then welcoming a new cousin, I continue to eat and sleep lots – which means I am also growing a whole lot.  I have another Dr.’s appointment next week, so I’ll let you all know just how much growing I’ve done.  I’m starting to spend a little more time awake, but sleeping is still one of my favorite past times.  I also like to look around when I’m awake and take in my surroundings.  I love looking at all the stuffies everyone has given me, I can’t wait until I can control my hands so I can play with them.  But all in good time.  For now I’m just going to enjoy being a new baby.

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