10 Months Old!

10 Months Old!

This past month was filled with new teeth coming in (3rd and 4th), family visits, parties and some warmish weather.  Although I’m not sleeping all that great lately, mom and dad are trying to be patient because they know there is so much growing and changing going on for me these days that it’s hard to sleep all the way through the night!  We celebrated a really special occasion with Sarah this past month too, she received her 1st Communion and Confirmation on the 4th.  I loved all the excitement and the big celebration at Church and I can’t wait until it’s my turn!  We celebrated Great-Grandma, Mommy, Great-Grandpa, Aunty Amy  and Grandma Lorraine’s Birthdays this past month – good thing I wasn’t born in May, we would all be birthdayed out.  And the other special day was celebrating my first mother’s day with mommy on the outside:)  Aside from getting two new teeth, I also stood up in my crib for the first time on my own on May 28th.  I’m very excited that I can now stand whenever I want so that I can reach things and see things and pull on mommy’s shorts so that she can pick me up!  To start off this new month of life I got to experience another first, my first BBQ picnic!  Mom and Grandma Lorraine had the urge to have a picnic, so we packed up a tonne of food and found a free BBQ at a park by the river and we had a great picnic!  I LOVE being outside and I LOVE eating, so I think eating outside is the BEST!  It was a great start to another month of adventure and growing.

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