So Long YaYas!

So Long YaYas!

After much talking, deliberating and anticipation, the YaYa Fairy made an appearance at our house.  Daddy and Mommy took down the YaYa Fairy bag and I gathered up my well loved YaYas and put them in.  Daddy and I hung the bag up in the front bush and I was o.k. with it all – until it was time to go to bed.  I had a really hard time settling down without the comfort of my yaya and I was VERY sad.  I even ran to the door and tried to go retrieve my yayas but Mommy helped me get back to bed.  It took a long time to go to bed that night, but it has been getting better every day.  It is now day #3 without any yayas, and although nap time is not going very well, bed time is much better.  I do still have my blankie and many stuffies to choose from.  The YaYa Fairy left me some great gifts and a note, telling me how big I’m getting and how proud Daddy and Mommy are of me for giving up my YaYas.  I got a bug net, a fishing rod with some fishies and some treats in my gift bag.  Even though I sometimes say I would like to give them back so that I can get my YaYas back, I know that it is time to let them go.  Our Baby Mario is going to need some YaYas, so I know it was time for me to give mine up – we can’t have two people in the house needing YaYas – we would always be searching for lost YaYas everywhere.  I’m proud of myself for growing up a little bit more and I know that this will help me be a great big brother to my baby!

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  1. WAY TO GO NICHO!!! YOUR Baby Mario must be so proud of his/her big brother. And don’t worry…soon your ya ya’s will be a distant memory! Love you buddy!!

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