11 Months Old – Oh My!

11 Months Old – Oh My!

Mom and Dad can hardly believe how quickly I have grown up – really it’s like they blinked and I was no longer a baby!  Yup, I’m growing up pretty quickly and I will not be left behind:)  My siblings motivate me to learn new things everyday and get quicker at getting places, so that nobody stops me!  I’ve quickly moved from commando crawling to crawling with 1 foot and 1 knee (June 6th).  On June 20th I even snuck up a few stairs before mom stopped me… I went on my first camping trip with the Duetcher family, to their cabin at Wakaw Lake – I LOVED it!  I really love being outside and I don’t say a peep when I’m outdoors.  I love to soak in the sun and investigate all the sites and sounds around me.  I celebrated Robbie’s 9th birthday and today I got to celebrate Canada’s birthday too!  I am loving life; I love the attention I alway get from my brothers and sister and all my cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents.  I feel bad that I don’t usually want to leave mom or dad’s lap to go with any of Aunts, Uncle or Grandparents, but give me a few more months and I’ll know better:)  I love eating and have a pretty big appetite, but I’m no little guy either!  1 more month and I’ll be 1 year already – mom and dad are right, time sure does go fast, especially when you are having fun!

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