2 Weeks Already

2 Weeks Already

This past week has been another exhausting week of growing!  I am putting on a lot of weight, which requires a lot of eating.  Not only have I been growing this week, we have also been celebrating EASTER – what a wonderful celebration!  Grandma Gheyssen came up to celebrate with us and to meet me for the first time – we have had so much fun with her.  Mom and dad are so grateful she is here, because she has helped them adjust to having another little munchkin to take care of.  We are now waiting for the arrival of my cousin Leyne.  His or her due date was on Sunday, but smart kid, they are staying put for now – I know how that feels!  If my cousin could here me though, I would say even though it is nice and cozy on the inside, being loved on the outside is much more interesting:)  I have my first doctor’s appointment on Thursday – so I will let you know how many ounces I’ve put on, I’m very excited to find out.

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