Big 1 Year Old Boy!

Big 1 Year Old Boy!

Well I’m finally 1 year old – it feels great to be 1, so much older than 11 months:)  I’ve been celebrating turning 1 for a few weeks now.  We took a trip down to Winnipeg in mid-July to celebrate my first birthday with my cousin Sebastian, who was turning 1 too.  He was born exactly 3 weeks before me, to the day!  We had so much celebrating together.  We had delicious cupcakes made by Aunty Maria, we wore matching outfits, we had baby competitions, which I think my cousin kicked my butt at!  We had fun opening gifts, but most of all we had a very good time celebrating with my big Borges family!  It was super fun and special to be able to share my first birthday with my cousin!  Then today we celebrated my first birthday on my actual birthday, here in Saskatoon.  We started the day with swimming lessons for my siblings, which I just love.  It was their last day and they all passed, which made it even better!  Then we had a party with all my Saskatoon family and had banana bread cake in the shape of a monkey, because lets face it, I’m a monkey!  I had so much fun celebrating again, this time with my cousins here in Saskatoon, my Aunts and Uncles, Grandma Lorraine and Great-Grandma and Grandpa.  I have learned a lot this first year of life, I’ve even started walking on my own with the help of a walker, on July 19th – so I think pretty soon I’ll start walking all on my own.  I know this year will bring so much more learning and adventures, and probably lots of bruises too – but it will all be worth it!  Now that my birthday is done, we are awaiting the arrival of my new baby cousin Leyne – any time little buddy, we can’t wait to meet you!

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