A Speck

A Speck

“Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”  This question now has new meaning in our house, thanks to me:)  We realized the past couple of days that having a speck in your eye can indeed cause alot of trouble, so when God said that you should look at the log in your own eye – He was talking about VERY serious stuff!  I’m sure glad I’m around to make sense of God’s word!  Yes, today I had a speck surgically removed from my eye.  It’s amazing what a tiny little dot can do to someone’s eye.  It got stuck in my eye on Thursday and just would not budge.  As my eye became increasingly irritated I refused to let anyone near it, no mom, no dad, no Doctors.  So they had to put me out to get it out.  What an ordeal!  Daddy said I was really brave though, and pretty funny after I came out of anesthetic.  I guess I was telling daddy that I could see a bunny and that he was eating a cracker:)  So I had to wear this patch for the day, which I wasn’t too fond of.  I kept getting more and more irritated by it and by the next morning it was driving me crazy!!  When mom and dad finally took it off, they realized that I was allergic to the adhesive on the tape and my skin was all red.  No wonder it was driving me crazy!!!  Oh well, all is well, my eye is good and life can carry on – until the next Nicho adventure!

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