Happy Star Wars Halloween

Happy Star Wars Halloween

We had a super fun Halloween day, we’ve been preparing for it all month.  Grandma Lorraine graciously accepted to make all three of us Star Wars halloween costumes and well, she did an AMAZING job.  It all started with Robbie wanting to be Obi Wan Kanobi an then Sarah wanted to be Princess Leah and so it seemed fitting that I would be Yoda.  This last week before Halloween was fun as Grandma, mom and dad tried to figure out last minute details of hair, ears and belts.  So dressed in our amazing costumes, Sarah and Robbie got to enjoy to fun at school.  They even had a dance – so fun!  I got to go visit mom at work and see all the amazing costumes and decorations that all the grown ups put together – I thought Halloween was for kids?!  Mom even overcame her stress about dressing up and she wore a Scarecrow costume that Grandma Lorraine made years ago.  She left a trail of hay behind her wherever she went in the office and she was picking out hay from her shoes all day too. After school and work we went to Lawson Heights mall and braved the crowds of dressed up kids and trick or treated in the warmth.  Jacinta met us there in her super scary Edward Scissorhands costume.  I was very scared and kept reminding mom and dad for the rest of the night that I did not want to go near Jacinta in that outfit.  To be honest I think she scared herself, good thing she didn’t have to look at herself all night.  All the grown ups thought she looked amazing though and kept asking to take her picture – I don’t think I’ll ever figure out grown ups!  We ended the night by trick or treating around the neighbourhood, it was pretty cold though, so we didn’t last  too long – but long enough to get lots of treats.  My new favourite treat you ask? – Lollipops!

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  1. The 3 of you look great !Maybe Uncle Robert should come up with a movie, of all of you in these costumes. For sure you had lots of fun!
    Now i am going to look for your Moms picture, for sure she looks very funny. Hugs, kisses and lots of love. Gramma.

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