School’s Out for the Summer

School’s Out for the Summer

I’m actually sad that school is out, because I’m going to miss my teacher Mme. McKinley.  Mom and dad say that I will like my new teacher too, but I’ll still miss Mme. McKinley.  I had lots of fun at school this year, and I even got better at math.  Both Robert and I got very good report cards and mom and dad are very proud of us.  This year our class prepared a special concert for our family to show off all the French we had learned.  I was the star of the show, because I had to memorize the most words.  I played a mouse who was looking for all her animal friends who were playing hide and seek.  This summer is going to be very fun.  Lots of visiting, playing in our new big pool, staying up late, playing, going to parties and just enjoying the sunshine.  We are also very excited for the arrival of our new baby brother or sister, that will definitely be the highlight for the summer – as well as welcoming our new baby Borges cousin.  We are also anxiously awaiting Grandma Lorraine’s move to Saskatoon!!!!  Have a wonderful summer everyone – hope to spend some time with all of you this summer.

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