Happy 8th Birthday!

Happy 8th Birthday!

I had a very fun day today celebrating my 8th Birthday!  Dad and mom can’t believe they have an 8 year old – a kid that doesn’t need a car seat or booster anymore!!!  I got to have 4 boys over to play with me that morning and we had lots of fun playing hockey and playing in the pool.  We had lunch and cake and I got some very cool gifts.  I really liked that everyone I invited could come and celebrate with me, it made me feel very special.  After my friend birthday party, we had family over to celebrate with me.  We got to play some more in the pool and in the back yard, we had a yummy dinner and a cool soccer ball cake.  I got some more amazing gifts, including a very cool bike from Great-Grandma and Grandpa and tickets to my first NHL Hockey Game from Uncle Chris & Aunty Ang and Uncle Min and Aunty Jenny.  The Senators are playing – I’m so excited!!!!  Me and Dad will be going, because the game is being played on dad’s birthday!  I’m looking forward to all the new and exciting things I’m going to do and learn in this 8th year of life.

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