My First Communion & Confirmation Day

My First Communion & Confirmation Day

After many weeks of preparation, I finally received my Confirmation and First Communion.  What a wonderful day it was!  I was so happy to finally be able to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus!  The Body of Christ tasted good, but the Blood of Christ was not too tasty, but I know that taste has nothing to do with it – because even though it tastes like bread and wine it’s not!  It was cool to be able to see the Bishop again and hold onto his Crozier as I received my Confirmation.  I hope that I received the gift of courage most, because I know I will need that a lot as I grow up.  It was fun to learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit with Aunty Gina and I hope that my family keeps praying for all the gifts to fill my life.  I was so happy to have most of my family with me to celebrate, even though I didn’t like taking so many pictures.  I really love the cake that daddy made me with the flames of the Holy Spirit.  I loved that it had my name on it and that there was so much yummy icing.  Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate and called to talk to me on my special day; and thank you to everyone for the generous gifts.  Come Holy Spirit.

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