School Family Dance

School Family Dance

The Parents’ Association for our school threw a fundraising Family Dance today and boy was it ever fun!  I LOVE dances and getting the opportunity to go to a dance with my family is always fun.  Even Aunty Sharon, Uncle Colm and Jacinta came!  We had a DJ who had cool lights, and there were glow sticks and a fun Photo Booth set up.  There were yummy treats that you could buy and prizes handed out for dancing and best dressed!  Grandma Lorraine made a matching dress for my doll Adelaide and I was able to take her with me to the dance, everyone thought it was cool that we matched!  Mom and Dad got to meet a friend there that they hadn’t seen in a long time, it just so happens that she is married to our Vice Principal – what a small world!  So a good time was had by all and I hope that there are more family dances planed in the future – because they are so much fun!

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