6 Months Old

6 Months Old

January just flew by – it was a blur of very cold weather, my brother and sister’s activities, learning to eat and drink from a sippy cup and perfecting my sitting abilities.  It’s been a good month, even thought I had a bit of a cold, my first one ever.  It wasn’t bad though, just a bit of a stuffy nose and a little bit of coughing.  My poor brothers and sister got a worse, they don’t have the benefits of mommy’s milk I guess.  I also reacted to something in my baby cereal, turned my face red wherever it touched and made it itchy.  Mom and Dad still haven’t figured out what it is that made that happen, but now I get homemade everything, much better anyway:)  On a positive note, I got to attend my first music recital this month.  My big brother and sister did so great and I LOVED the music.  It eventually put me to sleep and I had a great nap listening to the music!  Hopefully one day I will learn how to play music too!

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