Preparing our hearts for Christmas

Preparing our hearts for Christmas

Although it’s hard to believe, Christmas is just around the corner!  I am so excited and enjoying taking in all the beautiful and wonderful traditions of preparing for Christmas.  As is the tradition in our house, the first Sunday of Advent is decoration day.  It was so exciting to see all the decorations that we hadn’t seen in a year, put up the Christmas tree, and set out our Advent candle.  I was especially excited because I got to place the angel on the top of the tree this year!  It was so much fun to place all the decorations on the tree, although it took some practice finding just the right place for them – I thought they looked pretty ALL on the same branch, but mom was convinced that we should spread them out all over the tree.  Robbie and I both love having family prayer around the advent wreath and we can’t wait to be able to light all 4 candles!  Sometimes its hard to be patient…but I’m learning.

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