Santa Claus Parade

Santa Claus Parade

Today was a beautiful day.  We still have no snow and the sun was shining all day.  So while our wonderful dad and Uncle Colm painted our kitchen we headed downtown to welcome Santa to Saskatoon.  Although Sarah and I have been to a few parades, this was the first one we were old enough to really appreciate – who knew parades were so much fun!!!  We loved hearing the marching bands, watching the floats, waving at everyone and especially collecting all the candy and treats everyone was handing out.  Although mom thought the floats were a little “small townish” they were all really fun to look at and after LOTS of floats Santa and Mrs. Claus finally arrived with the reindeer leading the way.  We had such a great time and LOVE parades – Sarah and I love to parade around the house now playing our drum.  We look forward to the next parade we get to go to!

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