Visiting with Santa

Visiting with Santa

Santa has been visiting Lawson Mall for a little while and today we thought we would go visit him!  Sarah and I were so excited to be able to talk with him – I even sat on  his lap!  As you can tell by the picture I was a little nervous and Sarah was a little more shy than I.  I did manage to respond when he asked me what I would like for Christmas, I told him “Mac and Ramone” just like I practiced.  Santa’s response… “We’ll see what we can do about that!”  Sarah and I also had a chance to ask him what his favorite cookie was, we had been wondering that for a few days, we want to make sure we leave him his favorite.  He said his favorite was chocolate chip with skim milk.  So we have to get baking and make some chocolate chip cookies and figure out what the heck skim milk is before Christmas Eve.  We want to make sure everything is just right for him when he comes, because he always makes sure that all the little boys and girls are taken care of too.  We rented a video from Church about St. Nicholas, the boy who became Santa, and we know what a wonderful man he is and how much he loves Jesus.  I want to be just as giving as he is!

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