Our First Mountain Hike

Our First Mountain Hike

Today we arrived at our 2nd destination of our trip, Canmore, AB.  This is the first time Robert, Nicholas and I have been to the mountains – they are so incredible!!!  They are so incredible, that we already know we want to come back again – especially so Nicholas will remember seeing them.  We will be bringing any of our family that has not seen the mountains yet – so get ready!!!  After setting up the camper, we heading out to climb our first mountain.  Well, we didn’t climb the whole thing, because that would take all day, but we climbed pretty high and we walking a LONG way.  Mom and dad didn’t know if we would make it, but they were so proud of Robert and I went we made it to the top of the trail.  It was worth it too, because at the top was this super cool greenish blue lake and the beginning of a waterfall!  So even though we were really tired from all the walking and Robert scraped up his legs from a tumble on some rocks, I think we would all be up for another hike in these incredible mountains.  There is SO much to see here its a little overwhelming.  I just hope that we can all keep enjoying every minute of this very cool trip.

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