Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

My 2nd Canada Day – oh what a day!  It’s kind of fitting I think, that on my first two Canada days I have celebrated in two opposite ends of the country…my first in Toronto and my second in Canmore.  I feel like I have been truly able to celebrate how amazing, how beautiful and how very huge this country of mine really is.  Canmore really knows how to celebrate, we had such a wonderful day.  We took in an amazing parade put on by the town, with bands, animals, music and candy being thrown out to the kids.  Then we took in the celebration at the park, with some amazing show bands, music, bouncy castles, a petting zoo and birthday cake!  We all really wanted to go to the fireworks, but mom and dad could see how exhausted their kids were and didn’t think we would make it to the fireworks which were scheduled for 10:30 at night.  So instead we had a yummy dinner and some smores by the fire – I got to go to bed by 7:30pm for the first time since we left Saskatoon.  So now I continue to celebrate with a good rest and dreams of more adventures tomorrow. 

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