6 Years Old

6 Years Old

Wow, what an amazing day!  My birthdays are always special days for so many reasons.  The main reason is that God chose to give me life on this day and I’m so thankful!  Another reason is that we always do something really special to celebrate the day I was born.  Since I was born at the beginning of the summer, we always seem to be on some type of holiday on this day.  All my birthdays, except the first, have been celebrated somewhere other than home.  My 2nd birthday was in Estevan, my 3rd was in Clear Lake Manitoba, my 4th was in Winnipeg, my 5th was in Bermuda and this year we celebrated in Airdrie & Calgary Alberta.  We have been staying with our friends the Hickey’s and today we went to Callaway Park to celebrate my big day.  It was so much fun!  We went on all sorts of rides, and now that I’m big, I even went on a big kid ride with dad called “Shoot the Chutes” – a log that goes really, really high to a waterfall that takes you all the way down – it was soooo much fun!  After spending the whole afternoon at Callaway Park we went back to the Hickey’s for a yummy supper prepared by Mr. Tom and Ms. Erin and a very cool Super Mario cake made by daddy.  I even got all sorts of phone calls from Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles – you all made me feel so special.  The best part of celebrating my birthday, is that I always get to celebrate it with my family – thanks God for blessing me so much.

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