No more ya yas needed

No more ya yas needed

Through the years, I have learned a great deal about life. Last night, I learned a new skill. I learned that I can go to sleep without sucking on something. It really was inevitable, I knew that I was growing up, just by the sheer number of pants that seemed to not touch my petite ankles any longer.

Wow. Life is such a roller coaster, you think you know it all, and woosh, along comes something totally new and fresh.

I put my ya ya’s in my -Grandma Gheyssen Made- ya ya bag. I then took it outside, and hung it up on my front tree, in hopes that the Ya Ya Fairy would fly by and take my precious yas off to some other boy or girl in dire need of a nighttime soothe.

The next morning my illustrious eyes awoke to see that the fairy did arrive and in return she left behind a gift bag full of things to mark my wonderful transition in to Young Princessdom. 

You know I thought that my ya yas were important to me, but what I was surprised the most at was that my Dad, the big softy, had big red eyes as we marched back in from placing the ya ya’s into the tree. I didn’t bother to ask him if he had something, perhaps, in his eye. It must have been burning because the tears just kept coming down.

This days marks the end of my tiny babyish way of going to sleep. I am now older, bigger, and stronger than I was just one day ago. I look forward to my birthday just a few short sleeps away where I can gain even more of my older girl life, and move on to bigger, more complicated, more arduous things.

I am now ya ya free, I have broken the chain, and I am liberated from the Nuby (ltd.) consumer hold. Praise God.

By the way, I just love nightime worship, hands up, and head back.

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