Sunday, April 12, 2009

We are so excited that Easter is here and today at Church Fr. Les says that we get to celebrate Easter for 50 DAYS!  I hope that means that I get to eat chocolate every day!  I love chocolate, especially Smarties – they are my best!  I’ve been learning that Easter is about new life about Jesus telling death – you can’t get rid of me – I’m alive!  He is always with us in our hearts.  New life is everywhere!  Spring is finally here, there is hardly any snow left and we can get to our swing set and SWING!  I love swinging I can swing all day – the HIGHER the better.  What I don’t particularly like about spring though is bugs!!!  Although I am quite a brave girl, very eager to try new things and tackle any challenge head on, the sight of a fly or silverback or even a lady bugs sets me in a panic.  Mom and dad say I will need to get used to life with bugs because they are part of spring, summer and fall!!  I guess cold and winter is good for somethings – no bugs.  I’m sure I’ll get over this little bit of anxiety and I will soon learn to live in harmony with all the little creatures around me, but for now I’m relying on my big brother to save me from all the bugs, he thinks they are super cool and just picks them right up with his BARE hands – he is such a boy:)  Thanks goodness! 

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