My Edyth the Elegant Elk Party

My Edyth the Elegant Elk Party

Today was a day of parties for me!  It started with Robert’s Halloween party at school, which was super fun!  Then I got to go to my own party at music practice.  Edyth the Elegant Elk is the animal that lives on the E key and she is sooo elegant that Mrs. J, my fantastic music teacher, always throws a tea party to celebrate her!  So we got to get all dressed up, which I LOVE to do, and we had tea, donuts, cupcakes and chips – which I LOVE to eat!!!  We also got to learn the Edyth the Elegant Elk dance and take pictures with Edyth herself!  It was very hard to pick what to wear to this party, but I finally decided on the pretty dress Grandma Teresa gave me for Easter last year.  Mom did my nails with my sparkle nail polish and curled my hair and I wore a pretty sliver necklace and press on earrings.  All the kids were dressed up so elegantly and we had so much fun!  Other than the fun, I am learning a ton at music lessons!  I know where the C,D,E, and F keys live and I am really getting the hang of quarter notes and half notes and I just learned about eighth notes.  I’m also training my ears to listen to rhythms and I’m even learning to write out the rhythms….using bread tags, popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners:)  We sing alot and get to play lots of different instruments, especially the keyboard.  Music for Young Children is amazing!

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