My New Cousin

My New Cousin

Yesterday, after I went to bed, my new cousin was born!  Charlotte Eden is now the 3rd cousin that is younger than me.  I hope that I can be a good big cousin to her, Benjamin and Jacinta – My brother and sister will have to teach me all they know.  We got to meet Charlotte today for the first time and she is CUTE!  Oliver is a very proud big brother and is so excited to have a little sister, what a big job he has.  I hope that one day I get to be a big brother too…. Auntie and Uncle can’t get over how big I look compared to their new little girl.  She is pretty tiny, but I know pretty soon she’ll be running around the house with me and the other kids – I can hardly wait.  For now, I’ll just have to teach her what I know: how to sit and try not to fall over; how to chew on everything to try and soothe teething pains; how to eat everything and anything that is given to you; and to roll over on your tummy and then call for help when you can’t get onto your back again.  Poor Charlotte she’s gonna be a busy girl – I’ll make sure she has lots of fun though while she learns.  Welcome to the family little Charlotte, we are so glad you are here!

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