Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins today and it was so fun – much more fun than I remember it being last year.  I think I stuck my hand in the pumpkin once or twice last year and then I was done, I didn’t really like it, see the picture… Mom and dad can

hardly believe how much more grown up I am this year.

I really wanted to be involved in every part of the

process.  Daddy let me pick the design for the pumpkin.

I don’t think it is too surprising that I chose a princess –

Snow White!  Dad and Aunty Sharon had to help carve

it out, because it was pretty complicated, but I was right

there giving my moral support and helping whenever I

could.  I also enjoying degutting the pumpkin this year,

and finding all the precious seeds – I LOVE roasted

pumpkin seeds!!!  That is something I have always loved

about carving pumpkins, even before I turned 2.  Check

out pictures of the event in the gallery.

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