Happy Birthday Mommy

Happy Birthday Mommy

Mommy turned 32 today, she’s 30 years older than me, but hey who’s counting???  We had a wonderful day and God gave her beautiful weather to enjoy.  Aunty Sharon and almost Uncle Colm (only a month and a half to go!) were in town for our friend’s wedding, so they were able to celebrate with us.  We went to a special mass for our friends Mr. Ken and Mrs. Janelle who got married yesterday.  Then they had pizza for everyone and it was delicious.  We were able to sit on the deck and enjoy the sun and heat and Aunty Sharon bought all of us our first slurpees of the year – DELICIOUS!!!  Daddy made mommy a veerryy special birthday pie, it was Kaluha, coffee, ice cream, oreo cookie pie – all of mommies favorite things put together.  We could only have a very tiny piece because of the Kaluha…but boy was it gooooodddd.  Bobbie and I gave mommy some flowers for her garden and daddy gave her two pretty necklaces.  Aunty Sharon and almost Uncle Colm gave mom a bottle of wine – they didn’t let us have any of that since we already had Kaluha!  It was a wonderful day for a wonderful mommy – if I do say so myself;)

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