Being a Boy

Being a Boy

Mom says she can tell I’m a boy because I’ve begun to wear out the knees in my pants.  My mom also says that my Uncle Robert was really good at wearing out the knees in his pants too.  What can I say, the life of a boy is hard on the knees.  I do lots of things that would cause the knees in my pants to wear out…play cars, play trains, play chase my sister around and pretend to be a puppy.  I also spend lots of time digging in rocks, and sand and dirt – one day I’ll drive a real loader!  Mom says it’s o.k. that there is a hole in my jeans, she says that in the 80s and 90s people put holes in their jeans on purpose and she says the 80s fashion is coming back, so I’ll be in style:) 

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