T-Rex Museum

T-Rex Museum

We are having so much fun with Mr. David, Mrs. Gillian and little Joseph in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan.  We are here to celebrate baby Joseph’s baptism tomorrow (mom and dad are Godparents!), but since we’re here we have been doing some really cool site seeing too!  Did you know that the most in-tact T-Rex skeleton was found right here in Saskatchewan!  A little town about 30 mins from Shaunavon called Eastend, raised $1.8M to build a little museum to teach us all about the incredible animals that roamed the earth long before we were here.  Mom and dad keep reassuring me and Bobby that there are no more dinosaurs and the lady at the museum said the same thing – I hope they know what they are talking about!  Dinosaurs are very interesting, but I think I am quite satisfied with just looking at their bones.  Who would have thought that Saskatchewan would be put on the map with such an incredible find.  They know there are LOTS more cool things hiding in the endless land that makes up Saskatchewan, but there is only ONE paleontologist for the whole province and he has one paleontologist technician working with him.  They are too busy still unwrapping Scottie’s (the T-Rex they found) bones to be looking for more, so all the other amazing secrets will remain in the ground (or dug up with the coal) until more people are interested I guess.  Maybe I will be a paleontologist one day…..hmmm time will tell.  There are pics in the gallery of our visit, so check them out, but definitely if you get the chance come see this place for yourself.  Not only did we get to see the dinosaurs, the drive was beautiful and right when we arrived the bluest bird any of us had ever seen, flew right in front of us – it was so beautiful.  The Shawnee campground where we are staying is right in town but it feels like we are really in the country.  Every morning we are awakened to the morning doves singing their songs – I just love them so much!  Daddy told Robbie and I that they are singing their songs just for us – isn’t that wonderful?! 

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