Enjoying the Peg’s Sites and Sounds

Enjoying the Peg’s Sites and Sounds

So we were FINALLY able to enjoy the very fun new and improved Kildonan Park water park.  Mom said that she used to go to this pool when she was a little girl, she also says that it sure has changed a lot!  They added a kiddie section to the pool and a very extreme spray park section – soooo fun.  The best part is that the water is about 25 degrees celsius.  The down side it took us a day and 3 hours to enjoy it.  We came yesterday and the pool was closed for an hour and a half to clean up a pool fouling (not very nice).  It was too late to wait for it to open so we came back today.  We waiting for 45 mins to get in and then after 10 mins of fun…you guessed it, another pool fouling.  So then we had to wait for an hour and a half for it to open up again.  Oh well, we were patient and we got to enjoy a wonderful time at the pool.  It is super hot here, so the water is just what the doctor ordered!

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