5 Months

5 Months

What a busy 5 months I’ve had!  Life is full of adventure, fun with family and learning new things every day.  I’ve also been really busy growing more and more every day.  Today the doctor weighed me in at 16lbs 14oz!  Things I’ve been learning this month include perfecting the hand to mouth technique, toy to mouth and ya ya to mouth – all of which I can do pretty well now.  Sometimes though, I put the toy in my mouth with too much force and I hit my nose, I don’t like that very much.  Also, although I can get the ya ya in my mouth, I can’t seem to release it in time and I end up pulling it out of my mouth right away.  I love to play with my stuffies, I love to smile at everyone, I love to laugh and I love my blanket!  I have been enjoying my exersaucer and I can spin all the toys around and grab the toys to put in my mouth.  I am looking forward to another month of life, learning and growing and enjoying life.

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