The Town Where the Train Goes Around

The Town Where the Train Goes Around

It was a little hot – o.k. a LOT hot – but we couldn’t resist going to Tinkertown, it’s just so FUN!  We had a wonderful time with the newly expanded Weight family and Borges ladies. We road the roller coaster, boats, bumper cars, ferris wheel, scrambler, merry go round,  train, race cars, helicopter and so much more!  Grandma bought us yummy ice cream and gave us some money to buy a souvenir.  I bought a stegosaurus to add to my growing collection.  We got to meet Conner Weight, he is such a cute baby!  After a very hot and super fun day at the funnest town on earth, we got to go to Uncle Paulo and Aunty Maria’s brand new house for dinner and music fun.  I got to play an accordion for the first time and jam with Uncle Paulo (he’s really good).  I also got to play the drums, I LOVE those!  I love visiting Winnipeg, there is always so much to do and so many fun people to spend time with:)

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