Enjoying my favorite past time

Enjoying my favorite past time

I LOVE books!  I can spend hours with my books, reading new and old stories.  I never getting tired of people reading me books and I LOVE going to the library and getting tons of new stories to read!  My favorite books include the “Toot and Puddle” collection, good old “Berenstain Bears” and “Chirp” magazines (dad found a few years of subscriptions at a garage sale.  Speaking of favorites, that another favorite thing of mine – Garage Sales, it’s too bad its getting cold and the season is over.  I can’t wait until spring!  I’ll be saving all my coins in my spend piggy bank to find new treasures.  Other favorites these days is of course the color pink and princesses.  I am developing my interest in “My Little Pony”  I got a bunch last Christmas and I’ve been learning to take care of their hair and Robbie and I like to play with them.  I LOVE to paint and wish it wasn’t so messy so I could do it whenever I want, but alas I have to do it only under adult supervision.  So I ask almost every day to paint – odds are I’ll get to do it every once in a while.  I’ve also been learning all about letters and the sounds they make, I’ve even started experimenting with writing them – it’s fun!  Oh yes, I also love refining my skills in cutting paper and drawing people, cats and dogs.  I like drawing people with really long legs – like Daddy and Uncle Colm.  I’m getting pretty good at drawing faces with legs! Learning lots and looking forward to turning 3 and learning lots more!

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