Aunty Felicia is 16!

Aunty Felicia is 16!

We are so lucky we get to celebrate such a special birthday with Aunty Felicia – mommy can’t believe she is already 16.  We just love Aunty Felicia and we have really LOVED having her be with us for the summer.  We are so sad that summer is almost over and she has to go back to Winnipeg, but I know Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Jose are really missing her – so we are bring her back very soon.  Aunty Felicia, thanks for staying with us, for playing with us, making us laugh, snuggling with us, reading to us, doing crafts with us – the list goes on.  We have had such a wonderful time with you!  We pray that this year is full of wonderful adventures and experiences and that you grow to know how much God loves you, even more than WE love you – hard to imagine but it’s true!  We celebrated the special day with Aunty Sharon and Uncle Colm, and daddy made delicious pizza and the most DELICIOUS cookies and cream cake – YUUUUMMMMMYYYYY.  Thank you God for Aunty Felicia – Happy Birthday!  Check out the video!

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