“Don’t Worry Nicholas, I’m Your Big Sister”

“Don’t Worry Nicholas, I’m Your Big Sister”

It’s been a very exciting 2 weeks at the Molyneux house…I became a big sister on March 23rd and I am so HAPPY!  I know I am sometimes a bit overwhelming for Nicholas, but I just can’t help it, I love him so much.  I am a really good big sister too, I learned from the best big brother ever.  I help mom and dad whenever I can, putting diapers in the garbage or getting something they need when they are holding Nicholas.  I also get to hold Nicholas sometimes which is so exciting.  I like to talk to my little brother and tell him that everything is o.k. when he is crying because I’m his big sister and I’ll take care of him.  I am amazed at how small he is and at how cute he is, a real live dolly!  Thank you God for this wonderful gift you have given us.

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