The Joy of Easter

The Joy of Easter

Oh I just LOVE Easter!  I love to learn about how much God loves us and celebrate what Jesus did for us.  I love waking up to surprises left by the Easter bunny and I love Easter egg hunts – especially Easter egg hunts that involve my sister and cousin.  This Easter is extra special because we got to celebrate it with Nicholas for the first time – it will definitely be an Easter we never forget.  I love my new little brother and I feel extra big now that there is a new little person in our home.  Nicholas is so tiny right now, but I know by the size of his feet and hands that him and I will be competing for the tallest in the family title one day.  I try to help out when I can and I love to watch Nicholas and play with him when he is awake.  Sarah and I got him his first Hot Wheels car  for when he is a little older – I can’t wait to share my cars with him and play with him when he is older.  But for now, I’m going to enjoy watching my brother discover the world and grow big and strong. 

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