Camping at Candle Lake

Camping at Candle Lake

Well after a week of giving the weather a chance to warm up, we decided to pack it up a day early and head for home.  We were all tired, cold and a bit damp and just wanted a nice warm sleep in our cozy beds.  We did get to enjoy some sun this morning and actually made it to the beach for a while – so we were really happy about that because we love the sand and water.  We did have a great time despite the weather.  Having Aunty Felicia with us was lots of fun, and Aunty Jenny, Uncle Min and Oliver joined us on Thursday too.  Oliver especially loved sleeping outdoors, he slept all through the night for the first time in his life!  Aunty Jenny and Uncle MIn I think want to move his bed to the backyard in their tent since he likes it so much:)  We had lots of fun at the beach, even when it wasn’t sunny.  There was one day that we thought we would brave the weather and go to the beach anyway.  Mommy and I had fun playing in the sand and water, while daddy and Robert had fun lying under their blankets to keep warm and dry.  Yup it started to rain and what started with a sprinkle turned into a real rain fall.  We got soaked, but we did have fun.  We went on two hikes, one just with mommy – when we ran into a fox and decided to cut the walk short because mommy didn’t like the fox.  The next hike we took was a lot longer and the whole gang joined us (there are pictures in the gallery).  We also got to spend a morning in the booming town of P.A., Robbie woke up with an ear infection and we had to take him to the doctor – he’s feeling much better now.  Other highlights include, yummy ice cream and learning about swamp creatures.  All in all a nice, relaxing week – but mommy and daddy say that next year the family vacation is going to be somewhere SOUTH of Saskatoon, FAR south.

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