The Leyne Family Has Arrived!

The Leyne Family Has Arrived!

We are so happy that Uncle Colm and Aunty Sharon have come to live in Saskatoon!!!  Sorry Uncle Colm, the only picture I had was of Aunty Sharon – I need one of the two of you officially in Saskatoon:)  They are living close by to us and we are so looking forward to many many fun days with the Leyne’s.  The past few weeks have been busy getting ready for their arrival.  Uncle Colm’s daddy and brother drove all their stuff up from Calgary and we helped them bring it all into Uncle and Aunty’s new apartment.  Sarah and I got to go over and play in their apartment before they got here, while Aunty Felicia and mommy tried to make it nice and shiny.  It looks like all our efforts paid off – I think they like their new home:)  Daddy and mommy said they moved to Saskatoon so they could be closer to family and it looks like God thought that was a good idea, because he is surrounding us with family and we sure do get to see all of our family a lot.  We LOVE all our Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Grandparents and Great-Grandparents sooo much! 

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