Welcome to the Family Uncle Colm

Welcome to the Family Uncle Colm

Today “Almost Uncle Colm” became our Uncle Colm!  Yay!  We are so excited that he has joined our family and we are doubly excited because they are coming to live in Saskatoon!  Thanks Uncle Colm for being so good at your job that the Diocese of Saskatoon hired you to be Diocesan Youth Coordinator!  That means we get to have another Aunt and Uncle close by and we are so, so, so excited.  We are also very happy because Aunty Sharon and Uncle Colm kept talking about how many kids they were going to have today – a whole soccer team!  I hope that I can be part of the team and I cannot wait to have so many more cousins to play with.  Oh life is so good when God brings two wonderful people together to make a new family.  We are so happy for the both of you and we love you lots and lots!

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