Trying Something New

Trying Something New

This year mom and dad said I could play a sport, along with music lessons, which is busy – but I’m really loving it!  I am playing basketball with my good friend Ty.  We have practises every Tuesday and a game every Saturday.  We are learning a lot about how to play the game and teamwork.  One or our coaches used to coach the Women’s Husky team, so she has so much to teach us!  Uncle Colm and Aunty Sharon love playing basketball and they have taken the time to play with me and teach me a thing or two.  Everyone says that I’m pretty good, I’m working really hard and I hope to get better.  I love playing sports and I’m really enjoying learning how to play a new game.  The picture is of me making my “crazy eyes”, Uncle Colm and Aunty Sharon say I get this look on my face when I’m playing… I guess I’m a little intense:)

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