3 Months Old

3 Months Old

Another interesting month of life.  I must say, October is a very interesting month.  First we got to celebrate my beautiful cousin Charlotte’s birthday and Uncle Paulo also celebrated his birthday.  Mom and dad celebrated being married for 11 years – wow I can’t imagine being alive for that long!  I got to meet my doctor for the first time; she’s great, but I did not appreciate getting poked – twice!  Mom said I was very brave though and I didn’t cry too much.  She also weighed me and I am already 15lbs 5 oz (Oct. 22) and 24 inches long – I guess that is pretty big!  The interesting part about October is this whole Halloween thing, I don’t really get it yet, but I’m sure I will, because my brothers and sisters were very excited about it!  I did enjoy walking the mall as the kids went trick or treating there, and seeing all the kids and adults dressed up in very interesting outfits.  Even my Godparents dressed up and they pushed a banana stand around with my cousin in it!  I also got to go listen to Superman read books at the Cathedral Story time – that was fun!  We also carved pumpkins earlier that week and put candles in them so that they glowed.  All this to celebrate All Saints Day Eve – I think somewhere along the way the meaning was lost, but it seems like a lot of fun for kids and adults anyhow:)  I dressed up just for a picture, I was a puppy, pretty cute if I do say so myself.  Great Grandma and Grandpa came by to help give out candy, because I am pretty hungry around that hour and I wouldn’t be too happy if mom had to keep stopping to give out candy.  Too bad I can’t eat candy yet, because my brothers and sister sure got a lot!

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