4 Months Old!

4 Months Old!

Today is not only my 4 month birthday, but it is the beginning of Advent!  What an exciting day it has been.  Daddy brought in all the Christmas decorations and everyone was busy making our house look beautiful!  I even have some special Christmas decorations that I will get to hang all on my own when I am big enough.  We lit the first advent candle at mass last night and so begins my journey to my first celebration of Christmas!  This past month has been busy with my brother and sisters activities; bringing them to school, bringing them to basketball , bringing them to musical theatre, bring them to story time….I spend a lot of time on the go.  At first I had a hard time with always having to be ready to go when it was time.  Sometimes I wanted to be in bed, sometimes I wanted to eat, sometimes I just didn’t want to be in the car seat or stroller, or put into my snowsuit for the 4th time in 1 day.  I’m getting used to it thought and getting a bit more patient – or maybe I’ve trained mommy enough to make sure I’m well rested and well fed at ALL times!  My gums have already started bothering me – I LOVE to chew on things and make a bit of a mess with my slobber, although apparently my big brother Robert was a much worse drooler then me:)  I’ve started hanging out in the exersaucer now and really enjoy chewing on those toys and seeing what’s going on around me.  I got to go to my first Husky game, Robbie played at the half time show and even got a basket!  I helped cheer for a bit, it was all pretty exciting!  I’m looking forward to the next month, everyone tells me it’s going to be very exciting!

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