Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle

My teacher says I’m a great Sea Turtle, good enough to take the next class without mommy or daddy!  Wow, that must mean I’m getting to be really big, just like Bobby.  I really like swimming lessons – it was my first time ever taking lessons and it was so much fun.  I got to sing songs, wear a life jacket and go fishing for rings:)  I got so much better at swimming in the water and I can’t wait to learn more.  I was able to jump into the water without holding mommy or daddy’s hand, I learned how to float on my own in a life jacket, I even got brave enough to put my whole face in the water!  We had so many people come to see us swim too – Aunty Felicia, Aunty Sharon and Uncle Colm, Aunty Jenny, Uncle Min and Oliver and on the last day Grandma Gheyssen came to watch us!  I’m so proud and excited about my first report card ever and the sticker I got.  I have a whole book of stickers to get and I can’t wait to start my next lesson!

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