Recital Day

Recital Day

What an exciting day for Robbie and I – we had our first music recital!  We really enjoyed the whole thing, even though it was a little hard to sit still while everyone had a chance to perform.  It was all worth it though, to be able to play my songs on the grand piano and get all dressed up.  Aunty Jenny and Charlotte were able to come and hear me play and I was so proud to show off how much I had learned over the past few months.  I really have learned so much!  I played, “Ding, Dong, Ding” and “Little Ants” and I played them both perfectly!  The Grand Piano sounded so beautiful, I wish we could have a piano like that, but I think we would need a bigger house first:)  I’m glad that I have no idea what being nervous means, because I think if I knew what it meant I might have actually been a bit nervous.  Instead I just enjoyed the whole experience and did my best; mom was nervous enough for the both of us anyway! Can’t wait until my next recital on May 14th!  Check out the photo galley for more pictures of Robbie and I.

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