10 Months Old

10 Months Old

10 months have gone by already, it’s so hard to believe that in 2 months I will already be 1 year old.  I have learned so much over the last month and I’ve really started to explore everything around me.  I learned how to crawl (Jan.20); I learned how to sit myself up (Jan.17); I learned how to wave bye bye and hi (Jan.1); I learned how to pull myself up to stand (Jan.22); I learned how to play with a car (Jan.8).  Dad and mom are finding it a bit more of a challenge to keep me contained, because I just want to go and find something new to look at or play with.  My favourite thing to play with right now is Robert’s hockey sticks, no matter where I am in his room, I make a beeline for his sticks and I just love holding onto them.  Unfortunately, part of learning new things is suffering some bumps and bruises.  For example, right after taking this picture, I fell over and bumped my head, for a second time….not very fun, but I guess I have to learn how to handle a few hard knocks because that is part of life.  Not to worry though, my favourite things are still cuddling, laughing and being with daddy and mommy – I’m in no hurry to grow up.

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