Our Little Brother

Our Little Brother

Sarah and I just LOVE our little brother – we just can’t get enough of him.  He brightens up our whole life, with his infectious smile, snuggles and cuteness.  The only problem is that we LOVE him so much that we get in trouble for smothering him a little too much.  We just can’t help ourselves he is SO cute.  Tonight we were so excited because he waved goodnight to all of us for the first time, it was really fun and unexpected for all of us.  Even though he started waving on New Year’s day, this was the first time he seemed to really understand and communicate with us all on his own.  It’s amazing to see him grow up.  I’m trying really hard to be a good big brother and be a good example, being a big brother is a big responsibility!  I am doing alot of growing up myself.  Today was also exciting for me because dad found my big front tooth peeking up behind my baby front tooth.  My two baby front teeth are loose, but they haven’t fallen out yet.  So now I’m waiting and encouraging that baby tooth to fall out so my big tooth has room to grow.  Crazy stuff I tell you!  I’ll keep you posted on when I loose my first tooth!

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