Welcome 2011!

Welcome 2011!

Happy New Year everyone!  I had lots of fun ringing in my first New Year with Grandma Lorraine, Grandpa Gheyssen, Great Grandma and Grandpa Lamy and the Beaulieu Family.  We spent New Year’s Eve enjoying our family and going to Church to celebrate mama Mary.  I had fun getting decked out for the celebration in the suit Grandma Teresa gave me for Christmas, don’t I look handsome?!  The kids rang in the New Year a bit early…I think it was 9pm or so, but hey I don’t know the difference, heck, all I know was I wanted to go to bed – I was tired!  We are all excited for the New Year and what it has in store for us all.  I for one am excited about turning 1, learning to walk, maybe talk a little, run after Robbie and Sarah and so much more.  Can’t wait to share it all with you!

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