New Adventures

New Adventures

Today was an adventurous day for all of us, including mommy and daddy.  For the first time in everybody’s life, we got towed!  Yup, we were on our way from Winnipeg to Estevan, just past Brandon, when all of a sudden mommy and daddy heard some rattling.  We pulled over to check for a flat tire and found nothing wrong.  Pulling back onto the highway, we heard a loud noise and then scraping on the road.  Onto the shoulder we went again, and mom hoped out to check the tire again.  But no flat tire, then she notice a very big piece of something hanging down behind the tire.  She told dad something was wrong and he hopped out to look and saw our newly installed shock hanging down – NOT GOOD.  The only way to move was to get towed.  A great company came to help us out – we needed to vehicles because there were too many of us to fit in the tow truck.  I got to ride in the tow truck with dad though!  Mom, Sarah and Nicho got to ride in the other truck with a brand new puppy St. Bernard:)  We got towed into Brandon where Sarah, Nicho and I got to watch the Hercules cartoon while they fixed the van, and play with a box of cars and army figurines – FUN.  They discovered that the bolts hadn’t been screwed onto either shock and that one of the bolts had rattled loose – can you believe it!!!  They got us off and running in no time – they were awesome!  We were safe and on the road to Grandma’s house again, and arrived safely before the sun went down.  We are all quite tired now and ready for bed after such a big adventure, hopefully their won’t be another eventful van trip for a long time – although the Tow Truck was very very cool.

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