I’m Two – Look OUT!

I’m Two – Look OUT!

Today I am officially 2 years old – although I’ve been acting like a 2 year old for a while now:)  I’m talking up a storm, climbing out of my crib, running away when mom or dad say come, you know typical two year old charming and wonderful behaviour.  Mom and dad know I’m just learning how to be my own little person, so they try to be very patient with me – they’re pretty good.  I had a wonderful day for my first day of being 2 years old!  It started with a fun play date with the Lockert’s, then a photo shoot at good ol’ Superstore (look for pics soon) and a yummy hotdog and chips dinner with my family.  Daddy made an amazing dinosaur cake – I loved it so much!  Thanks to everyone that helped me celebrate this big day – for all the phone calls, the gifts, the skyping, the LOVE.  I am the wonderful kid that I am because of the love of my family and friends – thanks everyone!

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