Thanks for the Visit Uncle Chris!

Thanks for the Visit Uncle Chris!

For the past week we had the joy of visiting with Uncle Chris – thank you for coming so far to spend time with us!  We had such a great time playing with Uncle Chris, whether it was building with the wedgits, playing catch, playing board games, Uncle Chris was always willing to entertain us.  We loved your morning breakfast visits, our walks through the park or to school and your yummy dinners.  We really appreciated the fact that you spend almost every waking minute just spending time with all of us.  We hope that soon we will be able to visit with you, Aunty Angela, Dolly and Pumpkin alot more often, because we miss you guys so much when you are in Bermuda!  Sorry we made you sick Uncle Chris and we hope you are feeling better! Next time we see you, you have to get mom and dad to take lots and lots of pictures – because this seems to be the only one we have of you!  Sending you lots of hugs and kisses:)

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